Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cardinals Praise Dan Montgomery's "God and Your Personality" Book

A Catholic classic in integrating spirituality and depth psychology, the newly revised and expanded  GOD AND YOUR PERSONALITY is now available in both print and e-book versions on Amazon.

God and Your Personality

God wants you to be the best version of "you" in Christ. This means God wants you to develop a whole, integrated, mature personality that reflects all your talents, capabilities, and dreams—while conforming to the image of Christ. Unfortunately, a lot of us fail to follow the Holy Spirit's guidance in actualizing this calling. We fall short of God's purpose for our lives. We get trapped in other people's ideas, our own self-imposed limits and fears.

God and Your Personality is your key to break through those barriers and become the beloved son or daughter of God that you were born to be. Writing with compassion and empathy, but also with a firm grasp of personality problems, Theologian-Psychologist Dan Montgomery gives you a handbook that will enable you to find your own "true north" by utilizing the cutting-edge techniques of Compass Therapy and the Self Compass.

Through learning to steer your life with the Compass points of Love, Assertion, Weakness, and Strength (the LAWS of personality health), you can find a freedom to become the "you" that God calls you to be.

University of Notre Dame 
I am fascinated by the Self Compass. The growth orientation of the Compass Model offers a transformation mindset that benefits any reader. Well done.” — Darcia Narvaez, Ph.D., Professor of Developmental and Moral Psychology 
Paul Cardinal Poupard, The Vatican 
God & Your Personality is no New Age influenced waffle clouded in a mystique of blurb, but a useful tool for all those who seek to address personality issues and quench their innate spiritual thirst with the living-water which truly satisfies. Well done!”
Secretary of the Vatican Council for the Evangelization of Peoples
“This book is easy to understand and yet contains a profound understanding of the underlying elements of the human personality. It will surely be of much help to anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of the relationship between psychological and spiritual wholeness.” — Archbishop Robert Sarah
Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Manila 
God & Your Personality is a noble accomplishment and a gift to individuals who seek wholeness and holiness.”
Erdo Cardinal Peter, Budapest
God & Your Personality is a fine achievement and wonderful contribution to the healing ministry.”
Stephen Cardinal Kim, Seoul
“I am now reading God & Your Personality and find it very enlightening.”
Roger Cardinal Mahony, Los Angeles
“The Catholic tradition has long affirmed the value of the human sciences in leading us to a deeper understanding of the human person in relation to God and others. Dr. Montgomery’s work, drawing as it does from the riches of psychological investigation and insight, will prove most helpful for those striving to grow and develop in the Christian life.”

Let God and Your Personality be your means 
of healing grace today!

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